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Facial treatments


Organic signature Ritual

Your skin is drenched with the mineralizing benefits of copper (detoxification, tissue regeneration, energy balancing) and zinc (healing, scar reduction, and stress reducing), plus pure essential oils of lavender, neroli and rosemary.

This ritual includes a 30-minute back, neck and shoulder massage before a signature facial including fruit enzyme exfoliation, facial massage and an application of rich multi-vitamin masks selected for their pH balancing properties.

Also includes a soothing hand or foot massage.

Stem cells phyto-elite® intense de-ageing facial

This ground breaking freeze-dried treatment redefines the anti-aging facial!

Infused with the first ever blend of Argan and Comfrey Stem Cells and adds a mask and cream with supercharged de-agers like Collagen, Retinol, Elastin and other key actives to start working from the first application. Visibly reducing lines and wrinkle depth, it delivers a smoother skin surface, and long-term protection of the skin’s naturally repairing stem cells.

The intensive Mask is scientifically crafted for optimum benefits! Powered by a ground-breaking X2 plant stem cell formula as well as key repairing actives like Shea Butter and Aloe. This revolutionary de-aging mask delivers healing, rejuvenating and hydrating benefits to the skin.

Vital luxe

Your most advanced defence against ageing.

This opulent anti-ageing treatment lavishes your skin with pure Caviar Extract, Pearl Extract and a revolutionary blend of phyto-extracts: Escutox™. Improving elasticity, this luxurious mask increases skin oxygenation and suppleness.

Promoting rejuvenation, it visibly resurfaces and dramatically reduces facial expression lines and wrinkles.

High performer infusion facial

Pevonia invites you to experience superlative, results driven in-spa facial treatments. Precisely formulated with the most potent natural ingredients the oceans and earth have to offer. Highly trained, certified skincare specialists provide an in-depth skin analysis, followed by the ideal recommendations best suited for your specific needs.

Anti-Free Radical

Repair your skin while deeply nourishing and replenishing. This dramatic mask first warms allowing vitamins to penetrate your skin, then cools to seal rejuvenating benefits. Microemulsified Vitamins A and E maximize your skin’s protection against free-radicals and premature aging. Your complexion emerges velvety-smooth and deeply hydrated with an improved texture and refined pores.

Luminous C & Sea

This in-spa treatment features a potent blend of stabilized vitamin “C” combined with the latest high-tech formulation of freeze-dried seaweed. It reduces fine lines, strengthens elasticity, and provides relief for dull, sun-damaged skin. Your complexion resurfaces renewed, firm and extremely smooth with a luminous glow.


Visibly enhancing your skin’s texture and maximizing hydration, this effective lift-off mask combines the replenishing benefits of Seaweed with revitalizing Propolis, a natural healing and desensitizing substance.

Soothing, nourishing, and calming, it renders skin undeniably radiant.


Decongest and calm skin for an even calm appearance.

Alleviating treatment that provides soothing relief and visible results to dilated capillaries, congestion, blotchiness, and irritability. Comforting and healing Green Tea, Chamomile, and Licorice, combine to decongest and calm skin for an even calm appearance.

Organic customised facial

Harnessing the balancing power of plant energies to normalize your skin. This treatment combines fruit enzyme exfoliation with pure essential oil blends and rich multi-vitamin masks to restore freshness and radiance. Includes a soothing hand and scalp massage.

Radiance express

If your skin looks a little tired and lifeless then radiance is on the menu. Skin dulling cells are removed and vibrancy is restored. Includes cleansing, enzyme exfoliation, Optimal C ampoule and a seaweed mask to stimulate skin back to life.

Vital express

The perfect preparation for a special event or when time is short. Highlights specialized masks individualized to your skin but as time is of the essence some of the pampering extras are condensed.

Teen balancer

The ideal treatment for normal or combination skin types, combining natural fruit extracts such as strawberry and papaya to cleanse, balance and keep skin clear and healthy.

  • Organic signature Ritual90 min$195
  • Stem cells phyto-elite® intense de-ageing facial75 min$180
  • Vital luxe75 min$180
  • High performer infusion facial60 min$145
  • Organic customised facial60 min$115
  • Radiance express45 min$90
  • Vital express30 min$65
  • Teen balancer45 min$79

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