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Facial upgrades


A deeply de-congesting freeze-dried extract that softens hard accumulations in the skin, breaking them down gently. Ideal for hardened comedones, blackheads and deep blemishes.

Wrinkle relaxer

Nature’s solution to BOTOX™. A formula of natural plant extracts that “relaxes” wrinkles, decreasing their depth and movement.

Eye soothe, with facial

Stimulates lymphatic capillaries to drain more effectively, reducing puffiness and dark shadows.

Eye smooth, with facial

Hydrates and plumps the eye contours, reducing the appearance of fine lines.

LipRenew™ plump & de-age treatment, with facial

Highly active, this intense anti-ageing treatment features a powerhouse blend of collagen, hyaluronic acid, shea butter and other key ingredients. Proven to instantly plump the lips as it works to visibly blur imperfections, decrease laugh lines and smooth wrinkles around the lip contour.

  • Clear-o-Zyme, with facial$25
  • Wrinkle relaxer$35
  • Eye soothe$59
  • Eye soothe, with facial$35
  • Eye smooth$59
  • Eye smooth, with facial$39
  • LipRenew™ plump & de-age treatment$59
  • LipRenew™ plump & de-age treatment, with facial$35

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